… a great year! One year ago, when I imagined Bled FC, it was not really about creating a football team but just to share my passion in my own way by doing what I like. So, I started to take pictures everyday including fashion shoots and to draw some personal illustrations inspired by my roots. One year later, Bled FC has grown up. I had the chance to travel from New York to Hong Kong through Bangkok where I discovered very different football cultures. I met very interesting people who are enthusiastic about the project and support me.
Today, I am happy to say that Bled FC is also a real football team which will participate to a championship in a few weeks with players who know and follow Bled FC from the beginning. 2015 will be a fresh start for me as well. I am working on a project to take a step forward… you’ll be aware soon enough. I’d like to thank those who have been helpful during this year, Bled FC will knock them dead! #staytuned #izicestlebled #2015

Nam, Bled FC Captain

Here my top 30 bled pictures of 2014