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Bled Riderz at Tmax Loverz

Photos by BanrockyModel: @kill_jbcThanks to Tmax Loverz and Fojo Max

Bled Riderz Streetlook : Maeva

Bled Riderz collection, available on November 10 on our online store.Photo : Nam KunnModel : Maeva Guyon

No/w Future Streetlook: Chloë

Remember our dear friend Chloë? Back to 2014, she is our very first model accepting to pose for us (believe us,...

No/w Future Streetlook: Claire

Somewhere in South East Paris.Thanks to Claire

Koh Panyee is my playground

We are back in the Asian area of Paris, this time to feature the “Koh Panyee edition” jersey. Click here to...

Hội An is my playground

On the occasion of the release of the “Bled is my playground” collection, we are in the heart of the Chinatown...

Future of Bled FC

They are the future, teach them young, teach them right.

Our top 10 jerseys of the decade

The year and the decade are ending. Time to present you our top 10 jerseys of the decade from the Bled...

The Lost Bled Jersey

The “Lost Bled” jersey is now available on our shop. Limited quantities.

Top 5 jerseys of 2016

2016 is over, time to show you a selection of our favorite jerseys of this year: PSG, third, Nike – FC Seoul,...

#LBFL – Bled FC vs Public House FC

Yesterday was the sixth game of LBFL against Public House FC. 0-4 for the blue and black, nothing more to say,...

Le Ballon Football League – Game 3

Yesterday was the third game of Le Ballon Football League against Foot Tang Clan and first victory of the season for...